Today’s best businesses have embraced Next Practices which make them “different” from the rest in 6 important ways. The best businesses are the ones that have adopted a set of “next practices” that set them apart from the rest. You know that you’re in a next practices business because they all exhibit these 6 characteristics:

  1. They re-imagine tomorrow
  2. They envision things that others can’t see
  3. They like bad news
  4. They change course without hesitation
  5. They build their cultures by design
  6. They measure for desired changes and reward results
Let’s explore each of these “next practices” characteristics.
  • They re-imagine tomorrow: Next Practices Businesses take the time to dream big and they draft a vivid vision that crisply explains where the business will be in the near future. The vision is brought to and communicated to all staff and administration, alike. Most importantly, Next Practices Businesses adhere to their vision. They consistently survey and adjust their plans for getting there so that their strategies precisely reflects where they’re heading – and that sets the stage on which Next Practices Businesses flourish.
  • They anticipate things that others can’t see: Next Practices Businesses consistently invest energy envisioning all kinds of conceivable business situations. They create and simulate these situations to enable themselves to define plans for how they will respond should those circumstances one day occur. As a result, these businesses are able to effectively foresee what’s to come and are able to use this insight to build the dexterity required to handle any set of business conditions.
  • They like bad news: Next Practices Businesses are not afraid to discover problems because they want to address them before they grow into disasters that can’t be readily managed. These businesses implement internal systems and programs that are intended to uncover issues and difficulties as work is being performed. In this way, Next Practices Businesses are exceptionally proactive and are determinedly driven to impeccably execute their core mission.
  • They change course without hesitation: Next Practices Businesses are always seeking desired outcomes and tweaking activities with a specific end goal to stay several steps ahead of their competitors. Rich portfolios of automation are established that can be adjusted rapidly and dispatched as required. This improves their agility and supports their need to swiftly pivot to stay ahead.
  • They build their cultures by design: Leaving nothing to chance, Next Practices Businesses work constantly to deliberately construct a company culture that is fully aligned and supports the achievement of their strategic vision. These businesses are extremely mindful of, and carefully plan, the internal transformations needed to succeed. Their end goal is to build up a work setting where duty and responsibility are stressed and extraordinary execution is the “norm.”
  • They measure for desired changes and reward results: Next Practices Businesses expand conventional thinking about motivation and execution measurement systems by tracking changes in behavior that lead to the delivery of outstanding results. Consequently, they’re able to attract and retain the best people because those people are consistently challenged, acknowledged and compensated for the delivery of fantastic results.
Indeed, today’s best businesses have embraced a set of “Next Practices” which make them “different” from the rest in these 6 ways. If you think that your business could benefit from some next practices exploration, reach out to me to discuss the possibilities.This article was originally published on