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    N2Growth maintains an active Executive In Residence (EIR) program. N2Growth accepts applications from exceptional C-level business leaders with a proven track record of success who desire to serve as senior advisors to N2Growth. EIRs will support existing N2Growth & N2Ventures clients/projects, assist in research and evaluation of new investments, or launch projects backed by N2Growth & N2Ventures.



Thought Leadership On Demand
The N2Growth EIR program is comprised of former board and C-level executives, as well as highly regarded subject matter experts who serve as senior advisors to N2Growth and N2Ventures. In addition to their portfolio work at N2Growth and N2Ventures, EIRs are also available for select interim executive and consulting assignments. Our Executive In Residence program is a highly competitive, application only process, with less than 3% of prospective EIRs being accepted into the program.



Patrick Lawlor is an Executive In Residence at N2Growth serving as a senior advisor in the global strategy practice with an emphasis on business transformation and manufacturing operations. Prior to joining N2Growth Patrick was President of the America’s at Sapa Extrusions. Patrick is an experienced CFO and received his Accounting degree from the College of Commerce in Dublin Ireland.

Michael Smith


Michael Smith is an Executive in Residence at N2Growth – a veteran advisor specializing in breakthrough global strategy, high-performance strategy assurance, new markets and revenue growth, M&A, innovation, change leadership, and human development. Prior to joining N2Growth, Michael served in Fortune 100 leadership positions and as a practice leader in the Big 4. In 30 years of strategic consulting, he has assisted well over 100 clients, in 16 industry verticals, on six continents. Michael holds a BA from U.C. Berkeley and an Executive MBA from the University of Washington.

Eric Pietrac


Eric serves as an Executive in Residence at N2Growth, serving as a senior advisor on matters of leadership, talent, organization, and culture. Eric helps his clients as a transformative consultant and/or coach as they navigate uncertainties and complexities in the course of business. Prior to joining N2Growth, Eric had extensive international experience as an HR executive. Eric is an executive alumnus of the Harvard Business School (AMP) and holds an MBA and an engineering degree. Eric serves on the Advisory Boards of two International HR Master’s degree programs.



Kevin Butler is an Executive In Residence at N2Growth serving as a senior advisor on matters related to Human Resources and Human Performance. Prior to joining N2Growth, Kevin was the Chief Human Resources Officer at Delphi. Kevin holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Psychology from the University of Notre Dame.

Steven Kenney


Steven Kenney is an Executive in Residence at N2Growth, serving as a senior advisor in the global strategy, culture transformation, and organizational practices. He brings an emphasis on strategic foresight into his work with clients to align their strategies and organizations in anticipation of emerging future trends. Prior to joining N2Growth, Steven was a senior executive and practitioner in the strategy consultancies Monitor 360 and Toffler Associates. Steven holds degrees from the University of California and Columbia University and completed Executive Education programs at Harvard Business School and Wharton.

Tom Wright


Tom Wright is an Executive in Residence at N2Growth, serving as a Senior Advisor to Private Equity in Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management. A former President and CEO of a private equity backed government contractor specializing in small arms firing ranges for law enforcement departments and military installations, Tom brings a wealth of hands on, C-level, strategic operating experience to N2Growth clients. Tom received his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Brigham Young University.

Marcelo Castro


Marcelo Castro Zappa is an Executive in Residence at N2Growth, serving as Senior Advisor to the firm’s culture transformation, strategy, and executive coaching practices. Before joining N2Growth, Marcelo had a successful, 30-year career at Grupo Santander. There, his roles included CEO of Global Banking & Markets of Grupo Santander UK, CFO and Board Member of Banco Santanderrio S.A., Global CFO of the Investment Banking Unit, Spain and Global Treasurer of Grupo Santander. Marcelo Castro was also a Member of the Board of ISDA, EMTA, MEFF (Spanish Futures Markets), Asociacion de Mercados Financieros (AMF) and Chairman of the Argentinian Electronic Market (M.A.E.). Marcelo holds degrees in Accounting and Business Administration from Pontificia Universidad Catolica Argentina.

Daniele Sacco


Daniele Sacco is an Executive in Residence at N2Growth, serving as a Senior Advisor to Human Resources and Talent Management with a particular emphasis on organizational development. Prior to joining N2Growth, Daniele was the Chief Operating Officer of HR for Rio Tinto. He also held multiple roles at Ferrero International, Kraft Foods, and Hewlett-Packard. Daniele is a UK resident, and received his BA from Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.

LIZ PIETERS | Global Chair – Executive Advisory Services

Liz Pieters serves as Global Chair of N2Growth’s Executive Advisory Practice, which is responsible for the oversight of our Executive in Residence program. Liz leads the team responsible for the recruiting and onboarding of EIRs as well as liaises between our EIRs and practice chairs on project deployment of EIRs. Liz is an exceptional leader who combines strong business acumen and a unique set of leadership skills to coach, inform and transform business leaders, driving remarkable personal and business success. As a former Xerox executive and Vice President of Business Development for Lee Hecht Harrison, Liz brings a wealth of corporate leadership experience to N2Growth.



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