Humans Are More Important Than Hardware: Why Coaching Matters With Andy Riise

Andy Riise believes that humans are designed to perform, but we often get in our own way towards becoming the best version of ourselves.

Andy is the Mental Skills Coach for the Cincinnati Reds Minor League Baseball System. He is on a mission to help leaders, coaches and their teams in the arena get better at what they do and accomplish their goals. His teaching and coaching expertise is in the evidence-based best practices of Sport and Performance Psychology and various applied Behavioral Science disciplines with an emphasis on mental toughness and stress inoculation.

Key Leadership Takeaways:

  • Humans are more important than Hardware:
    • Why coaching matters for optimizing leaders’ resilience and high performance in a VUCA world
  • Getting uncomfortable being uncomfortable can help you grow over time (understanding stress and recovery cycles)
  • High-quality coaching can help you develop a plan and put mental skills training into action
  • High human skills related to the intangible attributes of leadership are so important:
    • The second Cognitive Revolution required for the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Mental Health Resilience and Mental Performance are interrelated (Pathology, Prevention and Performance models) over the course of a lifetime (Resilience = playing defense and Performance = playing offense)
  • Core competencies of resilience and mental performance that all leaders need to have:
    • Self Awareness, Self Control, Situational/Environmental Awareness, and Influence

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