We Are In It Together With James M. Kerr

For over 25 years, James M. Kerr has forged a different type of consulting practice – one that does its engagements “with” its clients, instead of “to” them.

James M. Kerr is a management consultant, futurist, leadership coach, author, and Inc. Magazine columnist.  He specializes in strategic planning, corporate transformation, and organizational design. Jim has complemented that reputation by making a distinctive difference in the leadership teams with whom he works. As a member of the Atlantic Speaker Bureau, Jim lectures internationally on Vision Storytelling and how to effectively align an organization’s culture with its vision for the future. He is known for his straight-talking style and ability to teach and inspire.

A recognized thought leader, James M. Kerr continues to provide cutting edge solutions to his clients through a strong dedication to research and study. The Executive Checklist is Jim’s fourth of five business strategy books. His others include The IRM Imperative (Wiley and Sons, 1989), Inside RAD (McGraw-Hill, 1991), and The Best Practices Enterprise (J. Ross Publishing, 2006), and his latest It’s Good To Be King (CreateSpace, 2017). All are testaments to his commitment to helping leaders improve the ways in which they guide and shape their organizations.

During my conversation today, Jim’s insights will refocus a leader into the fundamentals of communications. Set the unambiguous goals and adjust, tell the story, CONNECT.

Key Leadership Takeaways:

  • Set the vision, row in the same direction, top to bottom
  • Leaders need to be storytellers.
  • Now more than ever, leaders need to coach

Leader Action Plan:

  • Engage with all levels of your organization with the story of what it means to be “in it together”
  • Take a Toastmaster class if you have not done so yet. Leaders need to learn the art of communicating and this will help you ten-fold
  • Strive to become a high-performing organization. Listen to the podcast, and give the link to at least one person on the team and have them talk to you about what they got out of it. Then continue to pass it down as the start of reshaping a culture of communication.

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