We help clients pull the future forward by delivering advantage they can't gain anywhere else.

By operating at the intersection of insight and opportunity, we are uniquely positioned to co-create transformational strategies in three major areas – strategy, culture transformation, and organizational design. We deliver each of these services in a manner that bolsters a client’s ability to respond to change, while providing the “next practices” approach needed for them to become the disruptive force that reimagines their industry.

We are committed to delivering co-created solutions forged by a co-sourced team of your experts, and us.  All three of our business transformation approaches share this common principle.  We believe that it’s the only way to ensure that the work products produced live on once our work with you is successfully delivered.

Let us help you beat your competition to the future by unlocking new and distinctive ways of thinking and working.

Strategy by Design

We are different by design. We bring fresh perspective and insight to your strategic planning activities by providing methods for unlocking hidden value across your entire enterprise.

Our Strategy by Design offering is committed to delivering co-created solutions forged by a co-sourced team of your experts, and us.  This enables your business to craft strategies that are uniquely yours and not retreads of your competitor’s approaches to success.

Most importantly, we don’t leave you holding the bag. Instead, we work with your implementation teams to ensure that the strategies are executed as planned.

Fresh perspectives and insights are derived through our co-creation approach.

Breakthrough results are achieved and sustained over time because you helped to define the strategies needed for success.

We stick with you throughout strategy execution and provide advice and guidance to optimize the way forward.

Culture by Design

Culture is more than theory here at N2Growth – culture by design has been tested and implemented at some of the world’s leading organizations.

Many consulting firms trade in soft, esoteric culture offerings. N2Growth does not do that to its clients. Instead, we bring our suite of proven tools and techniques, called Culture by Design, to the job to provide you with evidence-based outcomes that are distinctive and sustainable.

We lead a team of your professionals through a process which identifies and assesses your culture gaps and blind spots while ensuring that your organization-specific dynamics are properly understood. We then produce real-time, actionable frameworks that drive rapid and viable change.

Together with you, we will transform the culture you have into the culture you need.

We bring our intellectual property suite to you to ensure that we build the culture that you need to support and evolve your strategies

Our team-based approach ensures that culture theory meets the real world to forge transformative solutions that will work for you.

Organization by Design

Great organizational design requires a systemic approach, which embraces the entire ecosystem of an organization. At N2Growth we believe organizational design is about creating a culture of leadership.

At N2Growth we think of organizational design as the pathway to exceptional execution. Consequently, we approach organizational design from every angle — outside-in, inside-out, bottom-up and top-down. Our team-based approach, called Organization by Design, is the only way to architect organizations that are fully aligned, responsive and capable of delivering impeccable results.

We will work with your staff to design an organization that optimizes span of influence rather than span of control. If you’re interested in doing more by doing better – N2Growth is ready to help.

By looking at the organization from every angle, our organizational design work enables the seamless alignment of leadership, strategy, culture, brand, talent and performance

Our team-based approach ensures that your staff participate in defining and implementing the organizational changes needed to deliver astonishing results

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