Information security is a business issue and not solely a technology “thing” that’s managed by the Information Technology (IT) department. We seek to understand your business needs first, so your information security investment provides the greatest value. N2Growth Cybersecurity advisors work diligently to effectively and efficiently secure our client’s business.

Leadership Approach

N2Growth looks at Cybersecurity through a leaders lens, and focuses on advanced business risk management and risk mitigation techniques. We have great disdain for black hats, hackers, Advanced Persistent Threats (APT’s), state supported actors, or anyone desiring to monetize stolen digital intellectual property. The overall security of your business enterprise is our top priority.

We bring to the table security, leadership, and management expertise. We value our vendor agnostic approach and focus all our energy and time on your information security needs. We believe that information transparency across organizational and functional boundaries builds a highly effective security posture. We are committed to giving you the truth about the security posture of your business and how to optimally manage your inherent and residual risk.

Board Security Advisors:

  • Knowledge transfer about how, where and why cybersecurity solutions should be positioned within the business (without the tech talk).
  • Higher level understanding of cyber risk across the corporate ecosystem.
  • Identification of key risk indicators that affect the security posture of the business.
  • Greater knowledge about people, process and technology implications of cybersecurity threats and risks as they relate to your specific business.
  • Knowledge transfer about how, where and why cybersecurity should be positioned within the business.
  • Access to information security and cybersecurity expertise without all the tech-talk.
  • Enhanced knowledge about various strategies with frameworks and their value to your business.


Our Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) services are focused on people, process and technology

Our team offers Full time, Interim, and Virtual (dedicated) trusted advisors at the CISO role. Does your company or organization desire to have a dedicated security leader but is hesitant to hire a full time employee? Our CISO service will fulfill this critical leadership gap. As your security partner, we provide critical thinking as security strategists while effectively managing the plethora of technology solutions and vendors desiring your business. Our CISO service takes a top/down approach to your most pressing security needs. Our CISO services are focused on people, process and technology. This holistic focus ensures your company implements best in class security knowledgeable people, measurable processes, with effective and financially efficient state-of-the art security technology.

Our desire is to be an effective cybersecurity and business risk management CISO to your management team. We are committed to help solving your most pressing business risk management issues through:

  • Communicate and collaborate with executive team members and across business units
  • Develop an information security strategy that is aligned with business objectives.
  • Lead your cybersecurity initiatives while solving the most complex business security problems.
  • Integrate industry accepted frameworks or components of frameworks to build a flexible, repeatable, and cost-effective cybersecurity solution that protects your infrastructure.
  • Ensuring information security programs and projects are successful through business alignment.
  • Implement effective controls that directory support audit and compliance directives.
  • Vendor and contract management.
  • Lead, coach, help and direct the security team.




Our services are built around the needs of leaders.


  • Establishment of an enterprise-wide cyber risk management strategy that is in unison with business requirements.
  • Work closely with all stakeholders to obtain the right amount of budget. Our team will ensure the budget is efficiently balanced with the risk posture of the business.
  • Effectively articulate and present security information to board members and senior executives.
  • Knowledge transfer to the board and executive team of inherent, transferred and residual business risks.
  • Third party objective and vendor agnostic. We are here for you – our client.
  • Identify and implement an effective risk management framework that is specific to your business needs.
  • Ensure adequate controls are implemented. These controls will be measurable and are directly aligned with the business requirements.
  • Determine and identify the correct level and type of staffing needed for your business risk initiatives.
  • Establish correct level and type of information security ownership across the enterprise.
  • Actively develop and build a cross functional cybersecurity risk management team.
  • Knowing which cybersecurity questions to ask and why. This includes situational awareness, strategy and operations, incident response, and third party agreements/negotiations.

JAMES MYERS | Senior Security Advisor

James has extensive experience as a business and information security advisor within large corporate environments and fast growing companies. He has successfully founded and operated all aspects of his own cybersecurity and risk management advisory services company. James has also managed a corporate security team with extensive global system security and risk management responsibilities. His engineering undergraduate and technology management graduate degrees coupled with his CCISO, CISSP and ITIL certifications provide a solid educational foundation as a CISO and leader.