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    N2I is defining the future and the new milestones in pursuit of executive learning and development. We intentionally engage our clients in developing solutions for continued and future growth; in both design and deliverables. Together, we are culturally different and noticeably better.

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Either you drive disruption or you’re outpaced by it.

At N2Institute (N2I), we design executive learning for business leaders pushing boundaries. There may be comfort in the ordinary, but there’s no exhilaration. It takes courage, energy, and audacity to change the game of learning. From our individual coaching offerings, to our Leader Academy, to our flagship CEO Academy, we offer unique curriculum from faculty who all have in the trenches executive leadership experience at the highest levels. We don’t teach theory – we transfer actionable knowledge that drive outcomes.

N2I intentionally engages clients in developing solutions for continued and future growth; in both design and deliverables. Whether it’s conducting short, immersive, onsite workshops to give your IT team the latest in Cognitive/AI knowledge, or scaling the capabilities of your executive leadership team, we are setting the standard for next generation learning.

Creating great leaders and leadership teams is not a one-dimensional practice. Rather, it requires skill-sets, competencies and a knowledge base that extends across a variety of relationships, platforms, mediums, and other key strategic constituencies.

Together, let’s do something unheard of – pioneer next practices through our real connections and experiences, that only N2I can provide.


Three Levels of Unmatched Leader Development

N2 Leader Academy Proven Behavior Change Process:

Behavior Change Process

The N2 Leader Academy Showcase is a grand revolution in leader development. It is the total reinvention of deliberately building leaders. Foundational leadership principles have remained largely the same since the dawn of time. The N2 Leader Academy Showcase utilizes a proven process to integrate these principles, with evolutionary practices, into your everyday life.

Through the N2 Leader Academy, we create new milestones in the search of excellence; expanding beyond current ‘best’ practices in pursuit of living a fully-fledged lifestyle of leadership. Each Academy works harmoniously with the next to create flexibility and generating results you can see. The N2 Leader Academy Showcase is for leaders who desire to close the gap on their vulnerabilities and gain a clearer perspective on their impact as a leader, at all levels of the organization.Through convertible levels, we utilize professional onsite instruction, followed by aligning roles and performance through a revolutionary online platform, and a mentored intra-company internship to foster behaviors through the leader development cycle.


Today's leaders are a diverse group of functionally and operationally specialized individuals.

Despite the natural differences found across functional and operational lines, there is a compelling need for a deliberate and common approach to leader development, progression, and the assumption of increased supervisory and leadership responsibilities.

The N2 Leader Academy Showcase provides a consistent, well-defined set of expectations and opportunities for the growth of all leaders, regardless of position. This relies on creating a common language and solid foundation of character principles and evolutionary business practices. We are leaders first, professionals always.

The Return on Investment

  • Develop a competitive advantage in your organization by deliberately building your pipeline of talent.
  • Improved understanding of organizational goals, business drivers, and processes
  • Direct application of leadership principles, practices, and techniques within the organization
  • Networking, relationship building and sharing of ‘next’ practices among peers
  • Extended knowledge and increased confidence to meet the leadership challenges ahead
  • Earn a ‘Certificate in Leadership’ from the N2Institute


The Leadership Academy has three different levels to create and customize our leadership education to fit you and your objectives. You can find a full list of descriptions on our Academy Descriptions page: Learn More


Leader Academy I – Tactical

  • Leader Ethos: Professionalism, Development, & Resilience
  • Extreme Ownership: Responsibility, Influence, & Accountability
  • Adaptability & Agility
  • Courageous Communication
  • Taking Care of People

Leader Academy II – Operational

  • Commitment to Leadership & Fellowship
  • Make Decisions and Solve Problems
  • Resolve and Manage Conflict
  • Build Collaborative Relationships
  • Develop and Inspire Others

Leader Academy III – Strategic

  • Sharpen Perspective: Hacking Leadership Gaps
  • Foster Disruption and Innovation
  • Culture Champions for Engagement & Loyalty
  • Fuel Resource Stewardship
  • Mentor and Coach for Growth & Success