As a team leader, it may be uncomfortable for you to ask the right questions. After all, the people you lead expect you to have answers. While it may give you pause to develop a list of questions for success, a Harvard Business School study indicates it is a really good idea. Consider the following:

  • Are you asking yourself and your team the right questions?
  • Will those questions propel you to more bold ambitions?
  • Will those questions push you off the worn-out paths and empower you to cast off the heavy chains of habit?

Constraints to Success

According to Adam Morgan and Mark Barden, there are four kinds of constraints most businesses face today. In their book, A Beautiful Constraint they list the major constraints in this way:

There are four kinds of constraints most businesses face according to the brilliant read, A Beautiful Constraint by Adam Morgan & Mark Barden:

  • The constraint of foundation, where we lack something conventional and customary as a basic foundation for the industry. For example, when a product is missing a “key” function.
  • The constraint of resources, such as having little to no marketing budget.
  • The constraint of time, which is the great leveler we all share!
  • The constraint of method, where you are required to do something in a certain way (this is often self-imposed.)

The author’s research concluded none of these types of constraints must be real, as external constraints rarely are. They went on to say:

“It is the constraints in an individual’s mind or an organization’s culture that tend to be what limits one.”

Freedom to Succeed

As we approach goals, it’s important you recognize your role as a leader in your organization. Ask yourself if you are asking the compelling questions capable of propelling the team to success. Are the questions you are asking going to bring innovation and dramatic growth to your company in 2018 and beyond?

As a part of N2Growth, I would be honored to serve as your thought partner in formulating the right questions empowering questions you need. Together we can implement your vision with business strategy, culture transformation, and leadership design, and team development. We have a history of working as trusted advisors to Fortune 500 companies, specializing in ‘next practices’ for those who know that only the imaginative survive.