Ernst Gleijm

Senior Partner - The Hague, Netherlands

Ernst Gleijm

Senior Partner - The Hague, Netherlands


Ernst Gleijm is a Senior Partner at N2Growth Executive Search in The Hague and works out of the Rotterdam office in The Netherlands. Ernst is responsible for the interim management practice, having vast experience in international training and education for over 25 years, gaining experience in sales, marketing, recruitment, and senior management. He has a proven track record of leading diverse teams of professionals and companies to new levels of achievement in various highly competitive industries and markets, such as the automotive and construction industry. Ernst has worked with car manufacturers and retail organizations ranging from mainstream to premium brands, both nationally and globally.

Passionate and entrepreneurial-minded, Ernst's analytical and connector skills, creativity, and breaking down siloes have contributed to Ernst's growth into an expert on corporate strategies and leadership culture. Recently, Ernst has supported various companies, like pharmaceuticals, plastics, and construction, to grow their organizational competitive advantage. He has been a driving force in building and overseeing a corporate leadership development approach, integrating strategies, branding, and talent management.

He is involved in coaching programs for c-level executives, focusing on personal and professional development. Ernst is also a lecturer in strategic management at the Netherlands Business Academy, one of the leading MBA programs for Finance Executives in the Netherlands. He empowers his students with clear insights, analytical models, and action-oriented steps to enhance their strategic abilities and leadership skills to create a sustainable company culture. He lives with his partner Janet and son Senn in Scheveningen, Netherlands, and has a passion for cycling, skiing, cooking, traveling, and humor.

Ernst has a Master's degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences from Leiden University, Netherlands, and Strategic Marketing at TIAS Business School in Tilburg, Netherlands. He has studied Business and Sustainability at Indiana University, USA, and Polytechnico Torino, Italy.







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Executive Search Firm | Board, CEO & C-Suite Executive Recruitment - N2Growth


Our executive search practice in The Hague, Netherlands focuses on senior executive, board and C-Suite searches. The world’s leading brands seek our counsel to build best-in-class leadership teams, to manage performance, and for succession planning. 

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Our broad portfolio of executive coaching & leadership development services in The Hague, Netherlands pushes companies and teams to greatness, whether through 1:1 executive coaching or enterprise-wide leadership advisory. There actually is a silver bullet in business – it’s called great leadership.

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