The 4 F-bombs and 3 “L’s” of leadership With Ray Cash Care

Ray “Cash” Care is an international motivational speaker, business owner, actor and author who talks about the power of high-impact leadership.

Instructor for “The Project”, a Mindset/Peak Performance Coach, this Navy SEAL also hosts the always entertaining Overcome and Conquer podcast.

In this conversation, Ray and I discuss making an investment in YOU as a first priority. As a leader, you take care of yourself so you are in a place (mentally, physically, spiritually) to take care of others. The power of servant leadership takes focus and self-awareness. Ray distills the complex world of leading into a simple way to think about the core responsibilities you carry every day. Listen closely and have a pen and paper ready…the checklist of leading is in this episode!

Key Leadership Takeaways:

  • The 4 “F-Bombs”

    • Family
    • Fitness
    • Finance
    • Faith
  • The 3 “L’s”

    • Lead or be Led
    • Listen
    • Learn

Leader Action Plan:

  • See above and take action!
  • Ensure as a leader, you spend time with others around you, especially subordinates and ensure you are teaching them these types of lessons.

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