The Trust Protocols With Les Ottolenghi

As a senior executive, Les Ottolenghi provides expertise in business innovation through the use of technology to entities ranging from Fortune 500 companies to industry-disrupting startups.

His passion lies in expanding the creative thought process and cultivating the business discipline required to develop billion-dollar opportunities and change the competitive landscape. Les was hired to digitally transform Caesars entertainment corporation to cloud platforms for marketing, finance, human resources, cyber-security, gaming, hospitality, and employee productivity. Today I talk to Les about the fundamental question of “what is leadership” and how do you see with a clear lens. You will see how this integrates into the “trust protocols”.

Key Leadership Takeaways:

  • Leaders bring certain timeless actions:
    • Stability
    • Decisiveness
    • Embrace risk
  • “See things for what they are”- perception vs reality
  • Create an aligned high-trust team
  • Understand the power of decentralized networks (social, informational, etc)

Leader Action Plan:

  • Embrace data as a leader and learn how it can properly inform your decision-making process. If you are not comfortable, get there.
  • Decentralized command and control allow for maximum flexibility and agility.

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