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Twisted Leadership

By Grant Wattie
President, N2Growth Australia

Never in the history of mankind has there been a greater need for leadership and yet there is a massive shortage. The reason is simple. Leadership is taught in universities and courses by intellectual ‘fu – k – wits’ who talk a good game, but don’t play. Today’s model by and large teaches about leadership with fancy theories. What’s missing is the practical application of how to actually be a leader.

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Trust Matters Even To The NFL

By John Baldoni
Chair, Leadership Development, N2Growth

The NFL is sitting pretty.

You bet! After a series of widely publicized domestic assault cases, repeatedly botched attempts to impose discipline, and the performance of a commissioner who has been AWOL for most of the recent crisis, the fans keep flocking to the gates and even more fans are watching on Sunday (as well as Thursday and Monday).


John Baldoni Interviewed on ESPN

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has not spoken publicly since Sept. 9. Bob Ley talks with ESPN NFL business analyst Andrew Brandt and John Baldoni, Chair of N2Growth’s Leadership Development Practice about the commissioner’s recent lack of presence.

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N2Growth Next Practices

Leading Transformational Strategy – Next Practices

By Mark Hefner
Global Practice Chair, Strategy Realization N2Growth

Not all business strategies require the same degree of change to be considered successful. Many are simply a continuation of an already established path and destination. Others identify change in some areas of the business but those changes do not represent a significant departure from the status quo. Some strategies however require transformational change. These strategies are usually required when companies are either in deep trouble or pursuing significant and new market opportunities.

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Talent, Leadership, Culture: The Number 1 Operating Challenge Cited By CEO’s

By John Mattone
Chair, Culture Transformation, N2Growth

What has been top of mind for corporate boards and CEO’s worldwide since 2004? It is not competitive threats, rising costs, innovation challenges, risk management, technology, debt, or even the regulatory environment. Corporate directors and CEO’s identify the need to create and sustain a leadership and talent culture that drives superior operating results as their #1 current and future challenge….and, this has been the case since 2004!

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Robert Plant: What This Rocker Can Teach Us About Trying Again

By John Baldoni
Chair, Leadership Development, N2Growth

Robert Plant knows what “if first you don’t succeed” means.

On Raising Sand, a 2007 album that Plant did with Alison Krause, he tried a rendition of the Stanley Brothers classic Appalachian tune, “Little Maggie.” “I think we actually murdered it, to be honest,” Plant told David Greene of NPR’s Morning Edition. “I was trying to work out how to work the vocals, being British. It’s a sense of humor that you need to even get anywhere near that stuff, so we couldn’t make it work.”


The Poker’s Bluff No Longer Works

By Damian D. “Skipper” Pitts
Chair, Organizational Development, N2Growth

Untitled1In the card game of poker, a bluff is a bet or raise made with a hand, which is not thought to be a winner. The objective of a bluff is to induce a fold by the opponents who hold the better hands. The size and frequency of a bluff determines its profitability to the bluffer. By extension, the term is often used outside the context of poker as in leadership to describe the act of making promises one cannot execute. Having the pokers bluff in mind as it relates to the behaviors of leadership, strategy and execution, I couldn’t help but to think about the hallmarks of change – disruption and the use of Crisis Leadership as a means of disrupting incumbent marketplace decisions.

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Louis CK: Walk Away… And Come Back Fresh

By John Baldoni
Chair, Leadership Development, N2Growth

So you write, produce and star in a hit TV sitcom, what do you do next?

If you are comedian Louis CK you walk away. As he told Fresh Air’s Terry Gross, “I wanted the show to feel new again. I felt like I did three seasons that were all one spurt, and that felt good and I wanted to forget the show, so I took time to forget about it. I aggressively forgot the show existed for a few months.”


Integrating Your Leadership Approach – The Power Of Synergy

By Jon “Tracer” Treacy
President and Chief of Global Operations, N2Growth

Have you ever found yourself frustrated by a problem that, in spite of your best efforts and creative fixes, defies an enduring solution?  How often have you implemented new programs or processes only to find the same or related problems resurface elsewhere?  Chances are that if you’ve spent any significant time in leadership positions you’ve had this experience, and more than likely the root cause for this is that you’ve been treating symptoms instead of the underlying diseases.  Taking an Integrated Leadership Approach brings the holistic, synergistic perspective necessary to break this cycle and look beyond the obvious in order to get to the root cause(s) of whatever problem you may be facing. 

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