No other firm offers the depth of talent and experience in advising senior executives.

N2Growth’s global coaching practice offers a wide range of professional services focused on advising Boards, CEOs, and senior executives. N2Growth’s coaches have deep experience working with some of the world’s leading executives in the areas of leadership, strategy, innovation, team building, organizational design and succession planning.

What makes us unique is the depth and breadth of experience possessed by our coaches as well as the range and flexibility of our coaching offerings. Whether you are a CEO looking for an experienced advisor, a senior executive looking for a one-on-one coaching experience, a CHRO looking to design and implement a global coaching program, or a board looking at composition, succession or governance, N2Growth is uniquely positioned to address your needs.

N2Growth has what is widely recognized as the most acclaimed group of executive coaches in the industry. N2Growth’s cadre of executive coaches have won numerous awards, authored more than 50 books on leadership, and are among the most sought after leadership advisors in the world.



  • Boards and Individual Directors
  • CEOs and Entrepreneurs
  • CXOs and Senior Executives
  • Executive/Leadership Teams
  • High Potentials


  • Retained coaching engagements only
  • Phone, email and video coaching
  • In person, one-on-one and group coaching
  • Immersive on-call, on-demand coaching
  • Workshops and facilitations


What makes N2Growth unique

What makes N2Growth unique is not only the diversity of our coaching staff, but their experience. Unlike most firms, our in-house coaches possess in the trenches executive leadership experience – they have walked in the shoes of those they counsel. We understand their struggles because we have shared them.

Our coaches are former sitting CEOs, operating executives, former military officers, bestselling authors, and yes, even a few academics. But most importantly, they are award winning advisors recognized by their peers as best in class. Possessing more industry awards and recognitions than any other firm, the words thought leadership and N2Growth have become synonymous in the market. Following are just a few examples of why N2Growth’s coaches are unique in the market:

Mike Myatt – is N2Growth’s founder and chairman, widely regarded as America’s Top CEO Coach, Bestselling Author, #1 rated Forbes leadership columnist, recognized by Thinkers5o as one of the top 10 leadership experts globally, ranked by Inc. magazine as one of the Top 50 leadership and management experts in the world, he specializes in working with board and C-level executives.
John Baldoni – is N2Growth’s global chair of leadership development, an author of 13 books on the topic of leadership, a frequent contributor to Harvard Business Review, and a recognized authority on organizational purpose and vision.
Jaco Erasmus – is N2Growth’s European CEO, a former practicing clinical psychologist and talent consultant, Jaco has an established track record of success in coaching senior leaders to new levels of success.
Jim Kerr – is N2Growth’s global chair of culture transformation, an author of 4 books on the topic of leadership, a columnist for Inc. Magazine, and a recognized authority on culture and leadership.
Liz Pieters – is N2Growth’s global chair Executive Transitions & Executive in Residence, a former Xerox executive and VP at Lee Hecht Harrison, Liz specializes in helping senior executives with career transitions.


The Board of Directors can and should be a strategic asset.

The expectations for Board engagement, ethics, governance and overall performance have never been higher. Boards are under pressure from the capital markets, media, regulators, shareholders, the CEO and other constituencies to provide strategic value and to ensure the sustainability of the enterprise through executive transitions and complex market conditions. Whether it’s advising individual Board members,lead directors, key committee chairs, or working with the entire Board, N2Growth offers the following Board Advisory services:


  • Director Assessment and Evaluation
  • Director Selection and Composition
  • Director Succession and Assimilation
  • Board Advisory, Consulting and Development
  • CEO & CXO Succession and Assimilation
  • Board & C-level Recruiting
  • CEO and Board Coaching
  • Governance, Risk Management & Compliance Consulting
  • Compensation Committee Assistance
  • Equity Strategy Management
  • Crisis Management


Few things can influence executive leadership like an engaged, productive, and insightful Board of Directors. N2Growth has deep expertise in adding leverage to Boards by helping them identify their needs, align their resources, lead in the present, and plan for the future. If you’re ready to maximize the impact, effectiveness, and efficiency of your Board, then we should talk.


Proper management of your reputation can prevent a problem from turning into a crisis

N2Growth provides crisis management and reputation management services for corporate clients, their boards and executives. Nothing is more important than your brand reputation, and our advisors will guard your corporate and/or personal brand as if it were their own. Proper management of your brand reputation can prevent a problem from turning into a crisis, and a crisis from becoming a major disaster.


  • Countering a media attack
  • Managing your brand on the search engines
  • Brand protection
  • Crisis management
  • Financial communications
  • Issue management
  • Litigation management
  • Product liability
  • Reputation Management



N2Growth offers both enterprise level and individual assistance to executives entering a career transition.

Our corporate programs are specifically designed to NOT resemble traditional outplacement services. We offer a highly engaged client experience that not only enhances and protects the employer brand, but offers a next generation, value added service for employees easing the burden of transition, while creating a strong corporate alumni population. Your ex-employees say as much about your brand as your current employees – we make sure those teammates being transitioned still feel like they’re a part of the team.

The individual program is tailored to senior executives contemplating the thought of career transition as well as those already in the midst of a transition. Think of it like this – few things are as important as making the right moves when it comes to career management. Our services are to executives like sports agents are to athletes. Our cadre of coaches and advisors are experienced in working with board and C-level executives in navigating the complexities of making the right moves, at the right times, for the right reasons.

Whether you are an employer looking to make intelligent investments into those leaving your organization, or an individual executive contemplating a transition we invite you to give us a call – you’ll be glad you did.