N2Growth Blog Ranked #1 in Consulting & #12 in Leadership by PostRank’s listing of Top Blogs

N2Growth, a top leadership development and advisory firm announced today that the N2Growth Blog was named the #1 Consulting Blog of 2009 as measured by engagement and influence. The N2Growth blog is authored and moderated by Mike Myatt, Managing Director and Chief Strategy Officer at N2Growth.

“What’s humbling to me is that the rankings are based upon engagement and influence which means that we are really connecting with our readers…that we were ranked #1 by such a wide margin finishing ahead of such firms as Deloitte & Touche, Booz Allen, A.T. Kearny, and Towers Perrin is even more humbling,” said Mike Myatt. PostRank also ranked the N2Growth Blog #12 on its list of Top Leadership Blogs for 2009.

“The are any number of blogs on the Internet that address specific niches, but very few that address the broad cross section of topics that we will comment on… We wanted to try something a little different,” said Myatt. The N2Growth Blog contains categories providing in depth information on the following mission critical topics:

  • Branding & Corporate Identity;
  • Capital Formation;
  • Economics;
  • Leadership;
  • Mediums & Markets;
  • Operations & Strategy;
  • Rants;
  • Social Media;
  • Talent Management, and;
  • Technology.

“For most professionals time is always at a premium and they are just too busy to surf several different sites in order to both receive and then aggregate the information and advice they need…The N2growt Blog deviates from what has become the norm of providing very brief (sometimes to the point of being almost useless) opinions, and offers more lengthy and detailed information than is typically available on most business blogs,” said Myatt.

To learn more about N2Growth please visit www.N2Growth.com