N2Growth Announces New Digital Clarity Assessment

PHILADELPHIA, June 20, 2019 — N2Growth Inc., a global leader in human and organizational performance, announced the release of its Digital Clarity assessment tool, which can assess an organization, business unit, team or individual contributor with respect to their digital capabilities.

Mike Kerouac, CEO of N2Growth, said, “The DNA of what it takes to lead a company into the future is changing as rapidly as emerging technology.” Digital Clarity is a tool organizations can use to better understand the gaps in talent, organization and culture that may impede their ability to successfully compete in the future. Kerouac said, “It’s not always obvious to companies what elements are halting their growth and/or their ability to successfully implement new and emerging technology.”

With Digital Clarity, organizations will be able to determine what changes in talent, capabilities, organizational construct and culture dynamics need to be improved to unlock hidden value and beat their competition to the future. Mike Myatt, chairman at N2Growth, said, “Our ability to give clients keen insights into the level of digital readiness of their leaders and teams is critical as they navigate the digital transformation journey.”