N2Growth Survey of CDOs Shows Companies Have a Digital Talent Gap

PHILADELPHIA, N2Growth, Inc. a global leader in human and organizational performance, recently conducted a survey of Chief Digital Officers (CDOs), which concluded that emerging technology is not the central issue as companies continue to struggle with digital transformation. The survey showed that more than 70% of CDOs believe that not having the right talent is the largest single issue gating progress on digital transformation initiatives.

Mike Myatt, Chairman of N2Growth stated, “Our experience is consistent with the results of the survey in that Digital Transformation implementations aren’t technology failures; they are leadership, talent and culture failures.” The N2Growth survey also noted that the CDO role is new for most companies, with many of the executives holding that title doing so for the first time.

The N2Growth survey noted that more than 60% of CDOs believe there is a digital talent deficit, and that it is widening. “The calculus is rather simple … when the rate of change of emerging technology far surpasses the rate of talent development/acquisition, it’s difficult to close the talent gap,” said Myatt.