Leslie Goldhill

Senior Director - Louisville, KY

Leslie Goldhill

Senior Director - Louisville, KY

(502) 272-0883

Leslie Goldhill is a Senior Director at N2Growth, working in the firm's executive search practice. Leslie brings over 20 years of leadership and entrepreneurial experience from various roles in corporate talent attraction, staffing, consulting, and executive search.

Over the years, Leslie has worked with various companies in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors, resulting in diverse exposure that adds value, perspectives, and purpose-driven solutions companies thought were impossible. She has successfully developed new markets, expanded mature markets, and turned flailing locations.

Leslie grew up in New York, attended college at the University of South Florida, self-funded her tuition and boarding, and started her career in Tampa with a global staffing leader. Prior to joining N2Growth, Leslie ran her own executive search firm. She recently placed a National Sales Leader that reworked the entire landscape of the organization, positioning them for unprecedented growth and positively impacting hundreds of lives.

Leslie's philosophy is Tikun Olam and believes it is everyone's responsibility to make the world a better place both professionally and personally and uses that unwavering commitment with every client. In addition, she holds a board seat at Jewish Family and Career Services, an organization that assists the KY region with family strengthening through various programs.

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Executive Search Firm | Board, CEO & C-Suite Executive Recruitment - N2Growth


Our executive search practice in Louisville, KY focuses on senior executive, board and C-Suite searches. The world’s leading brands seek our counsel to build best-in-class leadership teams, to manage performance, and for succession planning. 

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Executive coaching, leadership development and assessments - N2Growth


Our broad portfolio of executive coaching & leadership development services in Louisville, KY pushes companies and teams to greatness, whether through 1:1 executive coaching or enterprise-wide leadership advisory. There actually is a silver bullet in business – it’s called great leadership.

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